Wireless Sound

Diploma project at the ECAL in 2007. The main theme is the nomadic sound, which through new technologies allows to be transported wireless, thus opening a new dimension to objects propagating sound like speakers. Taking advantage of this new freedom, these objects can now use new and unexpected spaces. They offer different solutions, adapting to their environment both at formal level and ergonomic.
One of these speakers operates with one of the most prevalent power sources in our homes, the electrical outlet. It incorporates the formal codes of standard transformer, a natural object there. The second one employs light sources, sharing the same connection as light bulbs. It can therefore benefit from the three-dimensionality of space. The third speaker conquers outdoor taking advantage of solar energy. To accommodate this hostile world, it takes advantage of fully hermetic and high resistance materials. The flower pot form perfectly fits to this open environment.
In addition, each of these speakers was the subject of a sound research, in association with an acoustic expert engineer from the Polytechnic School of Lausanne. The amplifiers have been experienced especially to answer space constraints and specific propagations.

year / 2007