Didier Schweizer graduated in industrial design at the Art School of Lausanne (écal). During his years of study, he participated in workshops for IKEA, AXOR or Christophle and rubs shoulders with renowned designers such as Barber & Osgerby, Costantin Boym and Pierre Charpin.
Then he works for 12 years in Milan, Italy, in the Fragile Studio led by architects Mario Trimarchi and Frida Doveil. As an industrial designer, he has the opportunity to develop products for international companies like Alessi and Artemide. His work allows him to follow such diverse projects as a series of pans for COOP Italia, mascaras for the Italian brand of cosmetics Deborah, or a faucet for the Finnish company Oras. This activity also leads him to collaborate in the arrangement of spaces and scenography. He contributes in particular to supermarket development for COOP Italia and exhibitions in London and Milan for Alessi.
Alongside his work he practices photography and illustration, approaching more abstract themes.

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