The Floating Piers

I had the chance last week to go on Lake Iseo near Brescia where the artist Christo has installed his latest work : The Floating Piers. Despite the long hours of waiting to go there by train, the trip was worth it. While the concept itself is simple, the microcosm created around the work is actually surprising.

How a bridge over a lake can turn a small village in a stormed citadel? Surely the ephemeral bridge, installed just three weeks is there for something. And if the idea of a floating bridge is not a new thing, engineering that represents such a construction is also part of the magic of the space created. And when taking of height, the lake sees itself changing by the orange bridge. Water textures then take different forms depending on whether they are left or right of the bridge. A great achievement to publicize an equally beautiful area.
Site officiel de The Floating Piers