Prada Foundation

I visited recently this new space dedicated to contemporary art in Milan. Architectural jewel case designed by the Dutchman Rem Koolhaas, the location of the site is near the Lodi railway station in Milan. The site is mainly dedicated to the exhibition of the collections of the Prada family. The site takes place in a former Milanese distillery of the 10s, Società italiana Spiriti, where most of the existing structures have been maintained. The Architect has paid great attention to detail and especially to the materials used, notably the expanded aluminium walls, a material of military origin, that perfectly dresses the main building of the foundation.
The permanent exhibition Grotesque Process by the artist Thomas Demand is quite impressive and leaves all leisure time for reflection in front of this artificial cave in cardboard, realized like a 3D impression, strata after strata.
The periodical exhibition highlighted the American artist Edward Kienholz. Recovered objects and denunciation of American culture characterize the work of the artist. The focal point of the exhibition is undoubtedly the installation Five Car Stud where the visitor strolls in the middle of a racist staging, lit only by the car lights arranged all around. By being part of this work, one can feel the full force of it.
Only negative point to this visit is the access to certain rooms, especially the Ghost house, when the number of visitors is too large. The 80 centimeters wide staircases do not help …
There is no doubt that with the opening of the tower this year, the Prada Foundation will be able to fully express its potential. I would definitely come back again.
Official website of the Prada Foundation